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Creative work - own production

This site is dedicated to inspiring work of long-term reader and also a supporter of the work of Mrs. Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova. 

Beautiful, truly beautiful images that blush the human are stunningly powerful. There is no need for academic education, just feeling art and painting from the heart and the inside of a person, just the simple laying of the colors on the paper as it feels at that moment.

A keď už štetec povie dosť a aj farba sa minie, tak pero sa k práci prihlási, aby ľahkosťou ruky, ktorá ho drží, verše na papier prinieslo v podobe básne.
And when the brush says enough and even the color goes away, the pen will go to work to bring the verse to the paper in the form of a poem with the facility of the hand holding it.     


Painted pictures

Inspireing poetry