The Primordial Spiritual Realm

By now we have a simplified idea of how the Divine Realm was created and what it looks like. When both God’s Sons Jesus and Imanuel visit it, they function there as real beings who arose by “covering” their unsubstantiate core. Whoever leaves the Trinity, does not separate as a whole, just in part, and after returning to the Unsubstantiate Realm, he again unites with the whole.

Part of the Will, of the Holy Spirit - Imanuel, however, does not return to the Unsubstantiate Realm, it stays forever outside its home in the  Primordial Spiritual Realm. That’s why he is called the “outborn” Son of God. Why did this separation happen? When the Creator wanted to make it possible for the spiritual precipitation to develop, he said: “Let there be  Light!”, and he sent part of his Will, his Spirit out of the Divine Realm. In order for it not to return, due to the Law of Reciprocal Action and Homogeneity, it needed to be altered; it needed a covering to weigh it down. The Primordial Queen has participated in this act and so she became the mother of a new being - Parsifal. He is Light and, at the same time, a being which sends his radiation into the other  worlds.

The unsubstantiate Imanuel from the Trinity of God works as two figures:

in the Divine Grail Castle as its king - Imanuel,

in the Primordial Spiritual Grail Castle as its king - Parsifal.

Thanks to their unsubstantiate core both figures are permanently connected with the Father, they are the bridge between the Creator, the Divine Realm, and the Primordial Spiritual Realm.

The main role of Imanuel and Parsifal is to deliver, through the Knights of the Grail, the principal power from the Divine Grail Castle to the Primordial Spiritual Grail Castle and, from there, into the whole of Creation.

At the same time, Parsifal is the king and originator of all worlds past the Divine Realm, as they came into being from his light. Without his radiation, the spiritual precipitation could not form into new worlds past the Divine Realm. He is called the
Son of Man, because with the help of his radiation the spiritual worlds also the man have arisen. Logically he should be called the Father of man, but this would not be totally true, as the Father of the whole Creation is the Creator, or more precisely  - his Radiation. Because Imanuel as the intermediary of this radiation is his Son, he was left with that expression - Son.

Now we can clarify the
origin of the human spirit - man. Let’s remind ourselves that all worlds, the Divine Realm as well, arose from the Divine Radiation only, not directly from the unsubstantiate Source - the Creator. Only his Sons form part of his unsubstantiate essence; that’s why they are called God’s Sons and not Divine Sons. The Creator and his Sons live in the Unsubstantiate Realm, which did not form because it is the source of further radiation. Only at some distance from the Unsubstantiate Realm the Divine Realm has formed, with the help of the first being in Creation - the Primordial Queen.

The radiation, diminished, due to the lack of some divine elements, passes through the Divine Grail Castle into the Primordial Spiritual Grail Castle, in the form of the
primordial spiritual precipitation. Its union with the radiation of Parsifal gave rise, in the Primordial Spiritual Realm, to Primordial Spirits and their worlds. From the purely divine elements, contained in the primordial spiritual precipitation, Primordial Spiritual Beings have formed.

That, which did not form in the Primordial Spiritual Realm, passes into the Spiritual Grail Castle in the form of the spiritual precipitation. From the best part, in the highest level of the Spiritual Realm, Created Spirits have formed immediately. The rest is used for unconscious spirit-germs that cannot form in the Spiritual Realm, so they sink into the World of Matter in order later to become conscious and developed spirits - human beings. Spirit-germs, therefore, do not have their origin in the direct Divine Radiation but only in the spiritual radiation. That’s why the statement that man can become God has been made in ignorance of man’s origin.


In the Divine Realm the light - radiation, due to strong pressure, moves back and forth along one line.(the image No.13) In the Primordial Spiritual Realm that is formed immediately past the Divine Realm, its movement changes to become elliptical, due to a larger distance, cooling off, lower pressure and reciprocal attraction. These influences change the original-complex white Divine Radiation into a yellow one. Because of this change it starts to split into two types - male and female germs. Divine Radiation is integral and white, while the primordial spiritual radiation is twofold and yellow. From it, in the Primordial Spiritual Realm, two types of spirits  formed - male and female.

In the Primordial Spiritual Grail Castle Imanuel - Parsifal works as a Triad - triply. He personifies, in the whole of Creation past the Divine Realm, God’s Will as an integral principle, symbolically expressed as the golden sword  - Justice. This is closely connected to love, which is personified by the Divine-Primordial Spiritual Being Maria. She transmits love to the whole of Creation, equally to men and women, while the Primordial Queen transmits love to women only. This Maria is not the mother of Jesus, who lived on Earth. The third part of the Triad of Parsifal is the Divine-Primordial Spiritual Being Irmingard, and she personifies purity.(the image No.16) Both female beings came from the Divine Realm into the Primordial Spiritual Realm, so spirits can be formed with their help. The linear movement becomes elliptical.

Parsifal as continuity and part of the unsubstantiate Trinity of God, rules in the whole of  Creation past the Divine Realm as a king in the name of his Father. From his direct radiation, and from the radiation of the “Square” of the Animals, as well as from the radiation of the Eternal Knights of the Divine Grail Castle, in the Primordial Spiritual Grail Castle the first four male Primordially Created Primordial Spirits have immediately formed. As they are the most of perfect ones, they function as Grail Knights directly in the presence of Parsifal. They, as the only ones of the spirits, are created in God’s Image, as they are the most of perfect of spirits. Compared to the other spirits they are enormous in size and form something like the pillars of the castle. The Primordially Created Primordial Spirits cannot personally see the Creator, as they live beyond the limits of the Divine Realm. Parsifal, being the continuity of the radiation of the unsubstantiate Trinity i.e., God, he represents his Father in the whole of the further Creation as the king - God.

The first male Primordially Created Primordial Spirits represent the four prototypes of male qualities and abilities. One enormous basic figure of the Primordially Created Primordial Spirit came into being and, at the same time, also others, similar but of different sizes, arose. They all have the same abilities as the original one, but the size differentiates their quality. Primordially Created Primordial Spirits are no longer divine beings. They are called
spirits, due to the fact; they were formed in the greatest part by the Holy Spirit - Son of Man - Parsifal. In the Primordial Spiritual Grail Castle the original divine precipitation changes  into primordial spiritual precipitation, which is expressed in its division into male and female parts. From these the primordial spirit-germs, primordial animistic and animistic germs are formed.

The first
male Primordially Created Primordial Spirits  represent these basic traits and functions:(the image No.17)

The first Primordially Created Primordial Spirit is the prototype of a ruler, a king and, at the same time, he is the protector of the Triad of Parsifal.

The second Primordially Created Primordial Spirit personifies
masculinity and strength.

The third Primordially Created Primordial Spirit  represents
heroism and loyalty.

The fourth Primordially Created Primordial Spirit is the
leader of all rulers of the elements - the Prime-Elemental Beings.

Primordially Created Primordial Spirits, like the Prime-Elemental Beings, personify all existing abilities and traits. While here on Earth these traits represent only quality, in them, as they personify these, they express the essence. Let’s try intuitively to perceive the distinction between the words loving and Love, just and Justice. A just person is someone totally different from a person who, in his or her pure nature represents Justice.

People reach for these prototypes consciously, by their desire for perfection, also subconsciously, in times of need and crisis, e.g. in dangerous situations men express more courage, strength and loyalty to ideals than in everyday life.


In the next level of the Primordial Spiritual Realm, three female prototypes have formed - female Primordially Created Primordial Spirits of enormous dimensions. They radiate their traits and abilities into lower levels -  each for a different area:(the image No.18)

the first one for the home

the second one for motherhood

the third one for health, beauty and spiritual purity

These figures, like the male prototypes, do not live on their own, but in a colourful world of other women who are similar to them, but of different sizes.

A woman, in any level of Creation, and that also applies to the Earth, in her pure desire connects with the primordial spiritual prototypes and is inspired by them, gets help and strength from them.  When we talk about connecting with Primordially Created Primordial Spirits this does not mean that man on Earth connects directly with them, the connection is made with the help of intermediaries - the Elemental Beings.

The Primordially Created Primordial Spirits work in Creation as enormous
magnets; this is one of their fundamental traits or abilities. Their bodies “collect” the processed, i.e., used radiation, the principal power of the whole Creation, and they deliver it back to the Divine Realm. It is the return of the investment which the Creator has donated into Creation. That’s why the Guardians of the Grail Castles do not guard the Grail, the vessel with the principal power, from enemies, but they prevent  the loss and leakage of God’s Investment. It has to return to its originator, as it is his energy - his life. In an amended, processed form, it supports the development and life in the individual worlds.

In the eternal, primordial spiritual and spiritual worlds, there is, according to the Law of Homogeneity, also love between the same sexes. It seems to us that love is poorer in them, however, only from the point of our earthly view. Sexless spirits do not feel a desire for the sexual act. For them but  this is no limitation. Their love has other demands and needs. Even on Earth spiritually more mature people are able to love persons of the same sex with merely sentiment, spirit.

However, spiritually less developed man is influenced by their own body and senses and often, they fall in a wicked sexual love, for example, a father to a daughter. In the Primordial Spiritual Realm, in some levels, worlds or planets, male and female spirits, also beings, live separately. The Law of Homogeneity has separated them. But they find their opposites in other parts, and they meet them at various events and celebrations. Because their love is spiritual, it lasts even if they  are not together all the time. It is a much fuller and richer love, as it is only experienced by their perfect spirit - their whole essence.

Life in the Primordial Spiritual and Divine Realm is remote and unimaginable extensively for us. That’s why we only mentioned some personalities and activities.

It may be remarkable to note that the radiation of the Primordial Spirits sinks into the Material Universe and creates the cores of atoms being covered with  fine matter. Primordially Created Primordial Spirits, therefore, are creators of the ethereal and gross matter in the Universe.


Under the levels of the most of perfect Primordial Spirits - the Primordially Created Primordial Spirits - are the levels of the Developed Primordial Spirits. They, in contrast to the Primordially Created Primordial Spirits, are formed through development, gradually, from children. They mature directly in this level; they need not incarnate into the World of Matter as human spirits do. All adults take care of them until they mature. Some remain children forever, but this is not a sign of arrested development, as they are perfect.

In the middle part of the Primordial Spiritual Realm, three main spiritual planets are soaring, like islands resembling huge-beautiful gardens:

  The Isle of Roses

The Isle of Lilies

 The Isle of Swans

Each of these islands is, from the earthly point of view, much larger than a galaxy in the Universe. People should know these three planets as they are, much more than any other ones, connected with the development of spirits in the World of Matter. Their inhabitants, however, do not incarnate to Earth, but, in extraordinary times, when people, spirits and Primordial Spirits cannot cope with the demanding spiritual tasks, their leading personalities:

Maria, Irmingard, and Swanhild do  incarnate to Earth, too.

The first two islands are levitating on the same height
; the third of ones lies a little lower, below them but is still within the same level.

On the
Isle of Roses and Lilies, amongst flowers, spirits live - only women and children -  of various ages and sizes that depend on the maturity of the spirit. They personify the traits of a rose, i.e., love, and on the Isle of Lilies, purity. The same virtues attract them to each other. They are the homogeneous connectors of the inhabitants of these islands; that’s why, amongst them, love or purity reigns in its most noble form. Their radiation, through the Primordial Spiritual Beings,  works in the whole of Creation, having an influence onto the same type: women to women and children to children of similar age and spiritual maturity. At the peak of every island, there is a beautiful temple which has a function similar to that of the Grail Castle.

Rose Temple is visited regularly by the leading Rose - Maria, from the Triad of Parsifal, where she delivers part of her radiation - love. Women and children of the Isle of Roses receive it and, by their lives, process it and radiate it into Creation.

In the
Pearl Temple on the Isle of Lilies part of her radiation is delivered by the ruling Lily - Irmingard, from the Triad of Parsifal, who radiates purity and justice. Here, also, as on the Isle  of Roses, only women and children of different ages live.

On the Isle of Swans, not spirits, but beautiful and angelic beings live - Swan Maidens. Their slim figures are covered in a cloak resembling swan feathers. Their foreheads are decorated with jewel-like blue stars.

Their task is to connect the, for them visible, radiations from both islands above them into one complete radiation in the form of  justice, love and purity. Under the influence of their pure love and serving selfless, the  processed radiation passes out unaltered into the further levels of Creation.

The life elixir of a Swan Maiden is singing, which gives her spiritual strength and tender charm. This way she also expresses her love for the Creator. Some heroes of the Greek fables have heard Swan Maidens sing with their non-material hearing and called them “sirens”. Painters depict them as swans with female heads, but the  reality is totally different. They are beings with a human form, more beautiful and perfect than the most beautiful women on Earth, although they have wings, as they soar in God’s Will. They differ from each other only in size. The ruling Swan Maiden - Swanhild is a Primordial Being from the Divine Realm and radiates extraordinary spiritual strength.(the image No.19)

When knowing of all seven worlds of the whole of Creation, let’s reiterate, in a simplified manner, who lives in them:

1. The Unsubstantiate Realm is inhabited only by the unsubstantiate Trinity of God - The Creator - Father, and two Sons.

2. In the Divine Realm beings live who were formed from the integral Divine Radiation apart from the Primordial Queen, who arose from only the female unsubstantiate radiation.

3. In the Primordial Spiritual Realm Primordial Spiritual Beings and  Primordial Spirits live -  i.e., Primordially Created Primordial Spirits and Developed Primordial Spirits.

4. In the Spiritual Realm spirits live - Created and Developed Spirits.

5. The Animistic Realm is inhabited by beings called Elemental Beings - Great, Prime-Elemental Beings and Little, Developed Elemental Beings.

6. In the Ethereal Universe, souls of people live but also Little Elemental Beings.

7. The Gross Material Universe is inhabited by people of a material body and Little Elemental Beings.          

What is the difference between a being and a spirit? Beings are formed, in the main part,  from the Divine Radiation, while spirits have their main part from Parsifal. Past the Divine Realm the beings are divided into male and female, because to the direct Divine Radiation also part of Parsifal’s radiation is added - God’s Will.

A further difference between spirits and beings is the fact that beings do not have their own will, as they are under the direct influence of the Creator or the Primordial Queen. Based on this capability they are the executors of Eternal Laws. They carry out only that which is in accordance with God’s Will, nothing else. That’s why they do not suffer any karmic consequences of their deeds, although they are sometimes negative, for example, killing a man due to a  natural catastrophe, a lightning strike, etc. Beings are Angels while Elemental Beings are merely their lower form, in the same way as man is a lower form of a perfect spirit.

The difference in the usage of will between a being and a spirit can be compared to the difference between an architect and a painter. An
architect has to draw a house with some predetermined requirements of the owner and according to natural laws. He can express himself creatively and individually within this framework. A painter only gets his theme and proceeds  according to his own inspiration. The architect, therefore, is bound by certain rules as a being is bound by laws, which does not mean that he has no opportunity to use his creativity within these rules. An artist has a higher degree of creative freedom, similar to the spirit, but he, at the same time, has to take the risk that the owner will  not accept his creation if it does not appeal to his taste and ideas. The architect, on the other hand, tries to adapt to the owner from the very beginning, and that’s why his risk of failure is not as high.

Spirits and people have free will firstly because they are the furthest away from the Creator also because they are created mainly from his Will. Primordial Spirits and spirits, due to the knowledge of Eternal Laws, freely and voluntarily submit to God’s Will, while beings do so because of their ties to the Creator and as a consequence of the Law of Homogeneity. In essence all in Creation voluntarily submits to God’s Will, only in the World of Matter had man turned from God’s Will. Thereby, he or she has set themself free from the direct influence of the principal power and heads towards spiritual decline and extinction.


In the lower level of the Primordial Spiritual Realm, called Patmos; the Developed Primordial Spirit Is-ma-el works as the ruling personality. He directs all spiritual help from the Son of Man, from the  Primordial Spiritual Realm to the Spiritual Realm and into the World of Matter. In every level under him, he has a deputy who also is called Is-ma-el and who transmits the given tasks in his level. The Primordial Spirit Is-ma-el, in spite of the vast distance and a lower origin, as he is only a Developed Primordial Spirit and not a Primordially Created Primordial Spirit, he is, owing to his high spiritual purity, directly connected with Parsifal. He incarnated to Earth a few times at paramount spiritual events. For example, he was the ancient prophet Elijah, but also John the Baptist.

He was the spiritual intermediary between the Creator and the apostle John at the dictation of  the Revelation of John - the Apocalypse.
(the image No.20)

Under this, the lowest level of the Primordial Spiritual Realm, the isolation sphere exists which creates a border with the Spiritual Realm. Here, as everywhere in the Creation, a rich and varied life prevails.

© Natália de Lemeny-Makedonová