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Space connection -
rescue mission
George Adamski, 1967

Space connection - rescue mission  
Received by George Adamski and revealed to mankind in 1967

Today's man finds himself in a hopeless and extreme situation, which he has got into by himself. All human systems have failed or stuck to no end to such an extent that they do not have the possibility of ensuring the safety of humans. Science and technology have reached such a degree and speed that a spiritual understanding of humanity is not able to simultaneously keep up with them. 

The world faces nuclear war, which in extreme consequences would bring about the complete extermination of life. According to events in the world, it seems that humanity knows no escape from the impending disaster. However, there are other factors that indicate the possibility of salvation. Help could be brought by a different and more advanced technology than terrestrial. This perspective may seem fantastic to he who hears about it first.

If we look into the Bible – the Revelation of John – and what the apostles spoke with Jesus about concerning the last days of humanity, we find a clear description of our contemporary world and the manifestations of nuclear war and its consequences, as well as metaphorical symbols and signs of the mass movement and evacuation of humanity from the Earth.

The development of world events before the approaching end of the world will not initially be beneficial for mankind, however, through mankind’s own fault. Thanks to the giant rescue mission from space, a whole new way of life will be introduced on Earth, with a culture based on much deeper understanding of cosmic laws than Earth has ever reached up to now.

This joyful Message is supposed to be known by everyone who is interested in observing cosmic laws and understanding these things. Here it is: 

  • I am Alpha and Omega for this Earth. I am the True One who has come to you with the grace and peace of Heaven. I am He who will free you from your distress. I am the One who will bring you peace.

  • One of my closest lived on the Earth as an ordinary earthling. He was used by me as an instrument. His message to mankind is of enormous scope and significance. He was not the only one contacted. Those contacted are carefully selected and they precisely follow our instructions. Therefore, their work is limited by the boundaries of these instructions.

  • Orthon is an intermediary between me and Adamski to make the connection with Earth. But the whole event is managed through Orthon by me. Not until My Day has come will I be using my real name!

  • Many people on Earth will be surprised when they meet face to face one of our women, whose origin is not terrestrial.

  • A new era is being born, preceded by the labour of birth. 

  • I am always with you; I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  

  • Mankind is on the threshold of complete transformation in its thinking and ethics.

  • Everyone will receive the light of Truth when the time comes. No one will be able to avoid my will. Nothing can prevent me from completing my work.

  • A completely different way of life will be introduced that is hard to imagine.  

  • Nothing on this Earth can stop my plans.

  • Everyone has absolute freedom; no spiritual pressure will be put or forced on anyone. 

  • The connections I have made with Earth are perfect and direct.

  • When the keys are given into the right hands and the gates are widely opened, my manifestation will then soon become fact.

  • Mankind will never be attacked by other civilizations, we would not allow that. It will be attacked by its own means and errors. Only in the extreme situation will mankind understand its mistakes and powerlessness, and accept our cosmic assistance with gratitude and understanding.

  • The hour of our arrival cannot be revealed to mankind. It is our secret and will remain so until the moment we arrive. The time of our action is not even known by those who are involved in it - I am the only one who knows the exact hour. The exact time is not even given in any prophecies.

  • Transformation will take place, not only spiritual but also material.

  • The emergence of superhuman aid in crisis is differently expected around the world, although it concerns the same aspect, according to the Bible "the second coming of Christ", or "the coming of the Son of Man in the clouds".  

  • Events that have been prophesied throughout the ages are now to be fulfilled. I have taken rule over the Earth. I am the one who has been written about and talked about. I will manifest myself everywhere on Earth.

  • Soon great world events will take full speed. Do not let panic seize you. Trust me, everything is in my hands.  

  • As the negative events speed up, great suffering will occur. This is necessary and must not worry you. No one can escape my will in meeting their destiny.

  • The world will be an inferno of hell from which my kingdom will arise like the Phoenix. 

  • My plan is perfect. Everything has been carefully prepared for this action. Everyone will be placed in a position to correspond with his or her spiritual level. My Father’s house has many mansions. I have room for everyone, but will need to undertake some grading of individuals. 

  • The chosen ones should not doubt my help.  Nothing has been left to chance. 

  • You must know, understand and implement cosmic laws in everyday life in order to be capable of spiritual transformation, which is to occur now on Earth in those who strive for it.

  • Spiritual and physical changes are closely related and will therefore run simultaneously.

  • The spiritual transformation will only affect those who are ready for it. Others could misuse the new abilities and jeopardise my universal plan. 

  • Man believes he can see a great part of the universe through his telescopes, but let me tell you he only sees less than one millimetre of what it actually contains.  

  • Things will happen on Earth, which will appear to many to be cruel, but which are only natural because they will lead to the spiritual purification of humanity.  

  • Events will soon gain such speed that only those who have understood will be involved in our plans. Do not let outer things confuse your minds, because spiritual development is now primary.  

  • We will give assistance to all those who understand the new age. 

  • Those who do not want to accept new spiritual knowledge will bear huge spiritual and physical suffering because it will help their spiritual growth. 

  • As yet great explosions from atomic weapons do not sound over the Earth but I tell you it will not be long in coming. Until then we must be prepared for your salvation. 

  • The requirements of the Law must be met prior to my arrival, which means that once people on Earth make sense of the cosmic laws we will arrive physically so that every human beings understands.  

  • Your Earth is not the only one in this solar system which is inhabited by human beings. There are more planets in it than human science admits. 

  • If we were to come at this present moment to make the change we intend to do later, not ten years would elapse before mankind would have fallen back to exactly same level as it finds itself today. Therefore, the change will be made no sooner than after mankind reaches the threshold of despair and hopelessness. It will understand its situation, to which it has led itself, by new spiritual knowledge.

  • Everyone and everything will be changed so rapidly that no one will be able to recognize themselves. It will be a historical leap.

  • The name of this Message – “Space Connection” means that by a cosmic salvation mission the Earth will at the right time be connected with higher universes.  

  • At critical moments, turn your attention to a petition for spatial assistance the success of which I guarantee. Turn your thoughts to God.  

  • I will make changes on the Earth that mankind has never dreamed about. For just a second, the Earth will stop rotating around its axis. From that very moment, its character will rearrange completely, together with its maps.  

  • For those who failed in the school of life on Earth, the time of learning has lapsed. They will not develop any further, because they fell behind. 

  • The world will be given a common language from us. 

  • The new generation has many reasons to rejoice, no matter what happens with the others. Those who return to Earth will be given a new form of existence. Those who die will incarnate and continue in further development on lower planets.

  • My coming will be revolutionary; nothing will be left of what there is now.  

  • Today’s technical knowledge of people is so perfect that even murder has reached a degree of perfection. If no helping hand were given to mankind from above, all beings on Earth would be lost.  

  • Fire will be used as a cleansing agent. It will strike and burn the Earth and purify it. 

  • You will spend one thousand happy years on Earth. I will always be with you, showing you the way to develop.  

  • Man was given free will and therefore must also come to God of his own free will. So do not force my words on those who do not want to hear them.  

  • The church was established on Earth to proclaim my words, but it mismanaged my work. It has not been mine, only some people of it are mine. The church is near its end. 

  • My church, to be established on Earth, will only include true believers, not blind followers. It will no longer be just a house by the road, only visited on Sundays. It will form part of everyday life. Everywhere, it will be ruled by smiles, happiness and justice. 

  • I am tired of priestly copes; I want to see rolled-up sleeves and action. Those who only read and pray with their heads down do not worship me, but those who are ready to act and help.

  • All religions will merge into one, as only the purest ones, capable of spiritual transformation, will remain. 

  • In the new world, man will not be old when seventy. He will live as long as his ancient ancestors – six hundred to thousand years. Influenced by a developed spirit, the physical body will at certain ages be capable of regeneration and complete recovery.  

  • In the future, the world will be governed differently, from one place and by those who have reached full spiritual understanding and who will spread it to others so that everyone may walk in limitless love and wisdom. 

  • I will come to people physically, so they get a better understanding of God. 

  • The Earth will enter a higher state of consciousness. The consciousness of the entire galaxy will be enhanced.  

  • When man returns to Earth, he will find it to be empty and bare. No human being would be able to live there, if additional aid were not given from above.  

  • When you will live according to the cosmic laws, a stronger link will always help a weaker one. Then, you will also be able to help to those worlds below you. 

  • In the Thousand Year Realm, the mankind will reach such a high spiritual level where the physical body will no longer be necessary as known by man today. The Earth will gradually rise and man will become a purely spiritual being, understanding his God in a much better way. 

  • Man will receive new knowledge even in the space beyond Earth.  

  • Your plants will be much nicer. Animals will live in harmony, because your consciousness will no longer endanger them.  

  • The prayer “Let your Kingdom come” will come true in the new world.

  • He, who hears my voice and who believes that I am the One to come, will witness from the cosmic space the Earth to be purified by fire. He will then alight on Earth and continue to live with new understanding, in daily contact with me.  

  • Science knows about the great changes that have occurred in the evolution of plants and animals, but is unable to explain their happening. These changes were called mutations, consisting of rapid leaps upwards. A similar change - mutation, will now also happen to mankind.

  • Spiritual understanding will not yet be quite perfect, but will be raised up so high that, compared with the current one, it will become a paradise on Earth. 

  • Millions of people will be raised to a higher level of life, where everything will run in a completely different way.  

  • Because man has free will, he was allowed to go as far as to self-destruction to see what he created in his misunderstanding. Our assistance will be given to all those who get ready for it by understanding the cosmic laws and by praying to God for help. When despair reaches the highest level, we will physically come. 

  • According to the Bible, I will come in the clouds with a heavenly army.  

  • Within six months after the disaster, the Earth will once again be recovered and capable of new life.  

  • The law of karma claims that every action returns to its point of origin, while automatically controlling the school of life. Man harvests his experiences through the mistakes he makes. Knowledge of the laws of life is the key to free oneself of karma.   

  • I announce my help to you now so you can get ready for it and await it with trust. We do not show ourselves to anybody without preparation, not even to the chosen ones, to our own people, who live on Earth with a mission.