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On this sites, you will find other new information on activities and events within the unincorporated association Symetrial SK and its members and loyal supporters. You can get acquainted with our experiences, our views and our own production.

One is not supposed to believe what he can not understand. Otherwise he opens the gate to errors.

By wishing nothing is done only the real volition is the beginning of act. 

True love does not care about what the other likes and what is pleasant for him, but will be guided by what is beneficial for him.

It is not enough to know the truth and believe in it. It is needed to live and act according to it, otherwise you will be worse than the one who does not know about it.

One is not supposed to bear and suffer silently an injustice for he would support and strengthen evil.

Where the Truth is, there comes into play thinking and feeling at the same time.

Every spiritually free person evaluates new knowledge according to what it brings, and not according to who brings them. Gold is always gold, whether it is in the hands of a prince or a beggar.

Justice is love and love lies only in justice.

The sense of beauty is a manifestation of the hitherto hidden knowledge of perfection.

Only the uplifting of one's own culture is real progress for every nation. Rise must be built on its own basis, not by accepting a foreign one.

True harmony in the world arises from the diversity of nations, not from efforts to make them all the same.

The spirit is to be connected with reason in the right proportion, so that the spirit reigns. Reason is to create the possibilities that the spirit wants to realize in the matter.

"The severity is part of purity, love and justice. Where one of these qualities is missing, there severity hurts because there is something wrong. "

Everyone adopts only such truth and it can withstand only so much to what extent is itself straight and true.

Only at the top of knowledge one becomes wise when it satisfies itself that it knows nothing.

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