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Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova was born in 1950 in Slovakia. She worked as a teacher of German and yoga and later as a publisher. In 1991 she founded her own publishing house, named “Natajoga”, in which she published, among others, her own books “Nemčina pre deti” (“German for Children”) and “Gravidjoga – pôrod bez bolesti” (“Gravid yoga – giving birth without pain”). In 1997-98 she wrote the three-part work “Eternal Laws”, which was met with great interest by readers and in which she shared an important spiritual message. After completion of the trilogy, she suddenly departed this world at the end of 1998. 

Mission and tasks:

-   write books – Eternal Laws. Wake up the people who have slept so far spiritually and forgotten 
    what their real meaning of life is. Address those, who have let themselves distract by various 
    spiritual orientations from the core of what they were seeking and bring them back to their 
    own inside – to their spirit.   

-   pointing to the original source of knowledge, an existing Work from German author and making 
    it available in a simplified and understandable form 

-   clarify the origin of the Son of Man announced in the Bible, its actions and tasks in creation  

-   explain, what is the World Judgment, who controls it and the causes of its initiation 

  draw attention to the reality that our Earth plunged to the level of dark planets several thousand 
    years ago, which is manifested by increased presence of evil, injustice and obscurity of true 
    reality vision. This fall results in the necessity of purifying the Earth, raising it to higher spheres 
    and extricating from negative influences  

-   in the time before the Great Purification peak, raise up a new generation that will expect and 
    recognize a promised Ruler of Thousand Year Kingdom. During the Judgment the ethereal matter 
    will perish and people lose a large portion of memory, therefor a new knowledge must penetrate 
    deep into their eternal spirit. This is the real reason of spiritual education and familiarization with
    Imanuel's tasks even before the Purification.   

-   reveal the darkness directly and in detail and also its instigator and participate in his weakening. 
    Explain how the darkness manifest itself in everyday life, relationships, at work, in various 
    spiritual institutions, associations, churches, sports, culture, politics and other orientations     

-   describe and explain in detail the prophesy: Revelation of John – Apocalypse and the birth 
    of Messiah Imanuel, the ruler of Thousand Year Kingdom foretold by the prophet Isaiah   

-   alert the Slovak nation to the true political leader and the protector of the nation 

-   remind people of the reference captured in the message from Adamsky “Space connection”, 
    which complements the way of rescuing the new generation during the peak of purification

-   reveal and make available to the public the 3rd Fatima prophecy, which has so far been 
    classified by the Church

Our planet is facing a turning point, when a new world is about to be born. However, it cannot be established on the soil of the old world, as it will be much different from it.

Present man should know that the current catastrophic changes are not accidental occurrences, but that they are happening according to certain laws, for the benefit of the new generation.

© Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova
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