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1)    Eternal Laws
This introductory chapter describes the most important laws working on the material and non-material level - the Law of Gravity, the Law of Homogeneity, the Law of Completing a Unit, the Law of Reciprocal Action, the Law of Movement and the Law of Equilibrium.
2)    The Universe
The division of the Universe into several levels from the viewpoint of their different density - the Gross Material and Ethereal Worlds. The journey of the soul after death.
3)    Karma
“What a man sows that shall he reap!” Everyone has to bear the consequences of his past deeds. How does the Law of Reciprocal Action influence the development of man?
4)    Free Will
Life is not determined solely by fate. Man has free will to decide about his actions. He is continuously being helped from higher levels.
5)    The Animistic Realm
The level of Creation above the Gross Material and Ethereal Universe is described. This sphere permeates all material levels as well. Dwarfs, fairies, nymphs, Greek and Roman gods and other beings are dwellers of this realm.
6)    The Spiritual Realm
The basic cycle of the development of the spirit of man, the change from the unconscious 
spirit-germ to a conscious spiritual personality that enters the “ Kingdom of Heaven”. The names of all human spirits are recorded in the Book of Life.
7)    The Creation of Man
How are children connected with their parents and how are they attracted to their future family even before birth? What does it mean to be “expelled from Paradise”?
8)    Distorted Souls
The view on emancipation in the light of Spiritual Laws. The complementing of male and female activities creates a balance on Earth. The distortion of this balance and the consequences.

9)    The Man
Original task of the man, what mistakes has he allowed in his development? What is he supposed to develop within himself, to become a true man?
10)    The Woman
How the woman has succumbed to the serpent temptation? The real target of the womanhood in the Creation is not only the maternity.    
11)    The Creator and His Realm
The idea of God from the materialistic and idealistic viewpoint, God’s work. In majestic beauty, above all levels of Creation towers  the Divine Realm - the eternal level of Creation. Beings in this realm.
12)    The Primordial Spiritual Realm
“Let there be Light!” or the creation of the Primordial Spiritual Realm. The influence of the Primordially Created Primordial Spirits on the development of man. The most important primordial spiritual levels.
13)    Tempter
Lucifer, the source of evil. He was originally sent by God to help people through thoughts - the intellect, in the Material World, but he “fell” and created the present day chaos in the world. Due to his negative influence the Earth sank into the darker regions of God’s Creation, and so entered the path of premature disintegration.

 14)    Darkness and how it Works
The working of the Dark Principle in various areas of life - in spiritual teachings, earthly laws, health services, culture, education, sport, in the upbringing of children, etc. 
15)    The Son of God
The promise about Savior‘s coming, the life and the mission of Jesus. Was his crucifying a sacrifice or a crime?     
16)    The Son of Man
Jesus prophesies coming of a Mentor and a Comforter, who links onto His teaching. Not all two thousand years after Jesus’s death He really came to Earth.   
17)    The book sealed off from outside 
The book, which has provided so far the most complex explanation about the universe, God, destiny and problems of mankind. Apart from that purifies Christian teaching of the dogmas, that have been preserved for long time.
18)    Eternity
The development of the spirit-germ of man, his maturing into man and the danger which he faces in the time of the World Judgement. The consequences of the sinking of the planet Earth into the path of disintegration. The disintegration of the planet is manifested as Darkness in economy, finance, social affairs, politics or world religions.

19)    The Star of the Son of Man, Prophesies
The circulation of basic force in the Creation stagnates. The Creator sends to the mankind prophecies as a notice and warning, so He protects them by spiritual knowledge from the consequences of their actions.    

20)    The book sealed off from inside 
Everything is upside down, is hard to recognize what is true and deception, political unstableness, natural catastrophes, confusion. In this chapter based on the biblical sayings from Mathieu’s Gospel or John’s detection, will reader learn about the World judgment progress as it was predicted by them. Completion of God’s secret. 
21)    New Mankind
Spiritual development of man can be compared to school. By his living on Earth undergoes important trials, which determine whether he may advance on or must repeat the trials. How to overcome the negatives and develop our character properties.       

Interview instead of the conclusion
Detection of author’s origin and the purpose of their mission.  

Our planet is facing a turning point, when a new world is about to be born. However, it cannot be established on the soil of the old world, as it will be much different from it.

Present man should know that the current catastrophic changes are not accidental occurrences, but that they are happening according to certain laws, for the benefit of the new generation.

© Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova
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