Symetrial SK

Received from 
the Light
How I receive ...

3. Received from
the Light: 20.9.2018

2. Received from
the Light: 22.7.2018

1. Received from
the Light: 10.2.2018

How I receive ...

The receptions I receive are in the form of pictures possibly written or voice comments. I receive them in a waking state with a relaxed body and a peaceful mind. They are not forcible, but they are always preceded by natural inspiration. I am guided by my own feeling, with my inner voice whispering to me what and how I am supposed to do.
It is my personal experience, which I am very happy to share with everyone who is addressed by provided information and thus contribute to his spiritual advancement.

It is up to each individual how given information receives and treats them. We make our own opinion, the difference of which corresponds to our acquired knowledge and spiritual maturity.

Only what really comes to life in us is true and it will receive a flow of force from the Light.

4. Received from
the Light: 25.12.2018


5. Received from
the Light: 27.3.2019