Symetrial SK

1. Received from the Light:  10.2.2018

I saw myself surrounded by seven noble beings - guardians, who with their light energy and their hands spread over me created protective shield against the influences that would attempt to disturb this intermediation.

For a moment the image of Mrs. Natalia - Swanhild appeared in front of me. I saw her standing still and a luminous light emerged from her womb. I knew it was a little child - Imanuel, who was supposed to be born.

But then I noticed a cluster of grey-black mass that in the form of a whirlwind at a rapid speed ran around Mrs. Natalia - Swanhild at a distance of about one meter. Silhouettes of the ugly beings as well as the negative energetic influence from the side of the church rose up from the dark mass. They aggressively tried to get close to Mrs. Natalia - Swanhild and hurt her and the child.

However, both of them were protected by the luminous energy beam coming from above. I saw them totally immersed in the light column, to which could not get near anything unclean, because it would burn. Then I noticed how small baby in the form of radiant light was rising in the energy beam upward, where it was taken over by the four noble beings under their protection. They held him in their arms and smiled at just born tiny little boy - Imanuel.

Another picture was revealed before me. I saw two cars crash into each other and one of them, in which was driven Mrs. Natalia – Swanhild, the mother of little Imanuel, was bounced on the side. Suddenly a space ship emerged above it, from which a power beam came out falling down to the vehicle. I saw Mrs. Natalia - Swanhild standing in her subtle body inside the beam as was gradually pulled upward into the ship. I noticed her face, she was evidently confused about what had just happened to her. But a moment later she found herself on board a ship, where she had been expected by the four noble beings, who she had taken over her baby - Imanuel from. Her face grew bright and joy filled her whole being. Suddenly she found herself in a large space like in the temple, with a high colonnade extending as far as the arch ceiling. She walked with the baby in her arms towards the distant altar. On both sides in large crowd with an expression of respect and gratitude welcomed them noble beings. The Spirit of Truth - Abdrushin, the father of little Imanuel, was already expecting them in front of the altar. Swanhild stood at his side and together held the little boy in their arms. A smile of joy over little Imanuel appeared on their faces.

After a moment they were flooded by light passing through the dome of the temple high above the altar. The beam of light falling down on the little boy gave him even more glow, illuminating the surrounding space. I saw as the baby was gradually lifted up in this beam to the Divine Grail Castle, where King Imanuel and Primordial Queen Elizabeth took it over. They held him in their arms like Abdrushin and Swanhild, while he was with them. Joy flooded the entire surroundings of the Castle.

After a short while, it occurred to me to ask what had happened to the little Imanuel, after a laps of time, where he had been for so many years since his birth. Right on it I saw the young man with the flaxen, slightly wavy hair that ran down his shoulders standing beside the King Imanuel and Primordial Queen Elizabeth. Ready to fight he held a long sword determined to oppose the enemy.

Then a light beam appeared, descending down to the temple where the Spirit of Truth - Abdrushin and Swanhild were dwelling. The same energy interconnection was created, which uplifted Imanuel into the Divine Grail Castle, then as a little child yet. I saw a young man slowly descending in the rays of light down into the lowlands up to the border of ethereal matter, where he had been gladly expected.

I asked further about the progress of the great cleansing, how and when the beginning of its culmination will begin. I have been projected only few images of ongoing disasters on Earth. I saw a large piece of land that broke and fell into the ocean. It concerned the state of California in the western part of the United States. Another part of the mainland in the north of Europe, in the territory of the United Kingdom was flooded by water. I perceived the bursts of volcanoes, the earthquakes and the horrified faces of people. I asked when all this would happen. Then Abdrushin's face appeared repeating several times the words:

Get ready! Get ready! Get ready! ...

I was still allowed to remain in the reception state, so I asked for the book of Eternal Laws and its dissemination.

Subsequently, the book of Mrs. Natalia - Swanhild appeared in front of me in its latest form. It floated in the dark space and shone like a star in the sky. All of a sudden it turned east and leaned down. During the rotation its inside opened up, from which the glowing rays of light sprang to the territory of Russia and the surrounding countries. I saw the little lights as they gradually light up, one by one, throughout the territory. These were people who had been spiritually sleeping so far and the book awakened their spirit to life.

Next I saw how the book slowly turns west and throws its radiant rays into the territory of Slovakia and Europe. Right after a new book appeared next to it, even brighter. It was the Work In The Light of Truth - The Grail Message from Abdrushin. Also this book had completely opened up and from its inside spurted out even stronger glow in the form of white light, which by the Law of Attraction was drawing the book Eternal Laws to itself, until they have merged into one. Finally, I saw only Abdrushin's work floating, which in its full power cast the shining rays on Europe and by gradual turning around on the whole Earth.

Received from 
the Light
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the Light: 20.9.2018

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the Light: 22.7.2018

1. Received from
the Light: 10.2.2018

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