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2. Received from the Light:  22.7.2018

I found myself in a meadow full of flowers of varied colors, surrounded by beautiful nature. In the background, a thick forest was lain, forming a kind of protective wall against disturbing influences. I was sitting in the lap of nature, listening to different sounds, inhaling its scent, touching the wet ground. With my eyes I watched the constant movement of small insects, the birds in the winds and the blossoming flowers as the wind was playing with them. The sky was light-blue and the sun unusually radiated white colored rays of light. Suddenly I felt like a small bird came to me and sat down on my shoulder. He twittered for a moment and then flew back to the sky.

I stood up and set off to the woods. A narrow walkway appeared in front of me, on both sides flanked by various herbs, reaching up to my hips. Barefoot I walked slowly forward, touching the top of herbs by my palms. Focusing on each step, I went through some purgation. I perceived as all undesirable was through the feet going out of me right into the ground.

After a while, a silhouette of some castle appeared in front of me. Gradually it became more and more distinct. It was enormous. I settled my gaze up to the theight to rising towers, which top was hardly visible. I walked through a big gate with a lifted massive grid into the empty dark space. I stood there silently, perceiving the surrounding darkness. After a moment, a beam of white light hit me. Totally immersed in a pillar of its glow, I was gradually lifted upwards.

Suddenly I found myself in a large open space that seemed to me quite familiar. A huge hall with high colonnade extending up to the arch ceiling. 
It was precisely the place where I had seen Mrs Natalia with a baby in her arms just after picking it up from the grossmaterial body and taking over a small Imanuel from the four noble beings. Just as she did, I walked towards the distant altar. On both sides of the colonnade, noble beings already welcomed me. I approached to the accending stairs and walked slowly up to the platform where I was already awaited by the Son of Man, Abdrushin, and Mrs Natalia, Svanhilda. I stopped in the upper third of the stairs and, with my head bowed, I fell down in front of Abdrushin, just coming to meet me. Svanhilda followed him right after. They stood in front of me and smiled. Hit by the Light, coming from Abdrushin, I thanked in blissful fulfillment and with humility in my heart to the Lord for, that I could be close to Him. I looked up at him and asked about the confusion of the Schwanberg prophecy, which is mentioned in the second part of the Book of Eternal Laws.  

Abdrushin smiled at me and said:

"Everything is as it should be, it's all right" 

Suddenly His face became serious and He kept on saying:

"Everything will be accelerated, events will take a dramatic course. Be prepared, it will come at once! "     

I understood that my question was irrelevant before that, what I was allowed to experience and see as follows.

Abdrushin then laid his hands on my head and I felt the strong energy flowing into my inside. We both stood in the flood of Light. My inner vision opened up, and as a uncovering of the veil, a vast universe unfolded in front of me, and within it our little planet Earth. In a moment I found myself in its vicinity and saw it hovering motionless in a dark space, in a beautiful bluish coloration, enveloped in a white coat of atmosphere, through which it was possible to see the brown-green parts of the land.

Suddenly, my eyes fell upon a bright object coming from the depths of the universe. In a moment it approached, and I could see how it hurtled towards the Earth with a great speed. It flew by and carried on in its trajectory. I saw it from near, it was a glittering star, a comet of great dimensions. A tremendous force came out of it and a white light, forming a long strip of glowing field behind it.

Under its influence, the Earth suddenly began to rotate rapidly clockwise around its axis. The rotation gradually picked up the revolutions. At an increased speed, all the colors merged into one, and the Earth turned into a gray rotating ball. When rotation reached its peak, a large hole suddenly formed in the upper part of the Earth in the area of the North Pole. 
A golden fluid (plasma) began to sprout out of it in the form of small particles, and in the shape of a mushroom it gradually fell downward, creating a large envelope around the Earth. When the flow of gold fluid and rotation ceased, the Earth found itself in a transparent pale blue bubble, several times larger than it alone. A while it hovered in its centre until the bubble began to rise upward. I watched its slow movement, while the Earth stood still in its place. Without any resistance, the bubble let the Earth penetrate through its envelope, and in rapid acceleration it hurled up into the luminous heights, leaving the Earth under itself in a deep dark space.
I realized that the rapid rotation of the Earth represented an accelerated course of events that came from the will of God through the influence of the Star of the Son of Man and an increased inflow of power from Light. Golden fluid coming from inside the Earth, represented the pure, original, delicate core of what until nowl has laid trapped in the depths of the poisoned heavy deposits of dark matter. 
The great transparent bubble around the Earth embodied the New Earth, which, due to its subtlety, could be separated and thus ascended into luminous heights.

I asked for luminous people and human beings living on Earth, how they will get up on New Earth, how this will be done. Suddenly, I saw an image of how light energy pillars (pipes) were created, connecting the New and Old Earth, through which people were gradually lifted upwards in their lighter, finer bodies. I saw myself rising up. But I was not in my grossmaterial body, which probably remained on the old Earth. During my lifting up, I was still energetically cleaned, qualitatively transformed (transmuted) until I reached the level of luminous heights and could enter the New Earth. In a moment I found myself on it. I perceived the charm of the beautiful nature, full of various flowers, plants, lakes and waterfalls with crystal clear water. The rays from the heavens fell on the surface of the lake and their reflection almost blinded me. The day was clearer up there and the peace, joy and harmony ruled everywhere.
From above, I one more time looked down into the dark depth on the Old Earth, but I was no longer allowed to descend on its surface.

After a while of contemplation, I found myself again in the meadow, where my journey after this message from the Light began.

Received from 
the Light
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