Symetrial SK

3. Received from the Light:  20.9.2018

I was lying on the bed and trying to fully relax. When I managed not to think about anything, suddenly an ugly woman's face with open maw and bared teeth attacked me. I exclaimed in surprise and said, "what is that!?" Right after I realized that someone was trying to distract me, because apparently he does not like what I am just going to do. I did not pay attention to that face and imagined myself in a safe place.

I sat in the lotus position, hovering little above the ground. I perceived how the light was emanating from me. The surroundings were slightly dark, but I recognized the meadow with flowers. Suddenly I saw myself standing in the rays of white light, looking upward, on the place where it came from. I spotted a space ship of a smaller size, silver colour. Gradually I was lifted upward until I found myself inside. I stood there alone in the great hall and all around the glittering blue light was coming out of the dark space. And then the ship moved forward. Its movement I perceived as a catapult, and even I did not manage to turn around enough and I found myself behind the sun.

I stood in front of it. There was a lot of flames and light everywhere. Suddenly, a circle of light began to form (roll up) from its centre, increasing evenly in all directions to the edge of the Sun until it became a great opening. I realized that I was standing in front of a huge gate. I saw through it up to a great distance, where a planet Earth glimmered as a small piece of grain. I looked to the right and saw as a huge ship floated next to me in space. I perceived its colour as dark as if it blended with the background of the universe. All of a sudden I found myself right in it. Initially a gloom surrounded me, I have only myself perceived as shining. After a few moment an intense beams of white light hit me and filled the whole huge space of the ship. From the place where they came out, wonderful figures of noble beings were successively emerging. Gradually I recognized a young Imanuel at first, then Abdrushin and Svanhild. Imanuel stood in the middle, a bit ahead, and a strongest light emerged from him in silver-white colour. I fell on my knees. He stepped out to me and grasped my shoulders indicating to rise up. Silently, we looked at each other. After a while, I asked, what would happen next? He put his palm on my shoulder and gestured to me to turn towards the sun gate, which I saw from the ship right in front of me in her full splendour. I felt as we were slowly moving forward and passing through its centre. For a while I could watch the whole action from the outside. When the ship were crossing the focal point of the gate, it gradually began to assume a visible shape of silver-glowing colour. As soon as it fully passed through the gate, it stopped for a moment, then set off to Earth with an immense speed.

It flew by the Earth like a giant comet. The earth began to rotate violently under the influence of its action, and a golden liquid sprout out of the opening at the top of it. Exactly as I had the opportunity to see it at the previous adoption.

At this point I picture was gradually drifting away until it completely vanished, and I awoke lying on the bed, filled with a wonderful experience.

I realized that this whole new adoption was only the addition of the story, which I had recently described, but from a different perspective.
Received from 
the Light
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3. Received from
the Light: 20.9.2018

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